Sports Horses Insurance

Horse protection in a class of its own.

Tailored Equine Insurance

Bespoke cover

Across each discipline, sports horses experience a high level of demand on their health. Whether it’s through accident, illness, or ill fortune, our policies cover clients for each eventuality.

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Take a look at our full scope of coverage below:


Sport horse insurance

  • All Risk and Mortality and Theft
  • Prospective Foal
  • Embryo Transfer
  • Mare Barrenness
  • Stallion Insurance
  • Veterinary Fees
  • Loss of Use
  • Life Saving Surgery
  • Colic Surgery Costs Extension
  • Individual and tailored insurance for semen storage and transit
  • Care, Custody and Control Insurance

Peace of mind

Our equine liability insurance protects professional horse people who own, train or care for sports horses.

It gives you extra assurance knowing horses are covered under your care if the worst should happen.

Typically available to:

  • Stud Farms
  • Livery Yards
  • Professional Sport Horse Trainers
  • Horse Transporters
  • Veterinary Practices